The Four Colleges of Magic made up the governing body of the now ruined Collective Colleges of Grotheil. These were the College of Life, College of Death, College of the Elements and college of Enchantment. Each College taught spell users a particular type of magic. Studying was not limited, and is in fact discouraged, to one college. Students were pushed to learn from all of the colleges if at all possible. Though most ended up only having enough skill to learn from two, maybe three, colleges in their lifetime. Each college was run by a Prime

College of Life Edit

The college of life taught magic related to life, healing, growth, nature and anything that promotes the spark of creation.

College of Death Edit

The College of Death taught magic related to death, suffering, torture, undeath and anything relating to blood sacrifice and ritual.

College of the Elements Edit

The College of the Elements taught magic relating to the five prime elements, Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Spirit.

College of Enchantment Edit

The College of Enchantment taught magic relating to imbuing magical properties into real world objects. The vast majority of magical relics were created by this college.

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