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This is the Wiki for a D&D campaigns setting. Please only edit if you have permission from the DM or are the DM for this campaign. If you're not sure you have permission, you probably do not.

The Land Of SagusEdit

The Land of Sagus is a small but divided area with two major political groups. The Kingdom of Cyrille dominating the center landmass and the Kaimana Republic ruling over the eastern shores and islands. Long ago a third nation, The Collective Colleges of Grotheil, did exist to the west but it now lies in ruins. There is no real contact with the rest of the world. The massive mountain known as the Ice-Crowned Rise to the south west and the winding, labyrinth-like Twisting Desert to the south east blocks all trade by land. Random storms and tidal waves prevent any trade by sea. Any vessel brave enough to attempt the trip has never returned, and so the people have stopped wasting lives and ships. However, none of these storms or waves reach any closer then a mile off shore.

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Four Colleges of Magic


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