Cyrille Towns Edit

The towns of Cyrille are rough areas to live. Either a busy, constant inflow of naval trade with Kaimana, harsh desert life or roving bands of mountain goblins or worse plague the towns.

Hampstead Edit

The only town held by Cyrille that has access to the sea. It's Cyrilles only port and as such the entire town's focus is on trade and professions relating to the sea. Because of this, there's a large criminal element prowling the streets. There's a very large Police element as well as a strong militia, but few things prove more tenacious then someone trying to break the law. For every illegal band of thieves or traffickers broken up, two more pop up.

Of the police and the militia, the militia is by far the most corrupt. These men and women drafted into service tend to fall towards crime to supplement their income or any reason a bitter, angry person might go against the law. There have been many times where the police find a criminal element and when they finally discover the ring leaders, they're all members of the militia.

Open war hasn't yet been declared between the police and the militia, but it has come close many times.

The main population is humans and halflings, with the occasional elf. Dwarves are a rare sight.

Easthallow Edit

This town formed around what once was a massive area of fertile, farmable land. However, the magical backlash of the destruction of the Four Colleges slowly ripped the fertility from the land over the following years. The town slowly fell into ruin as people began leaving for the fertile lands down the length of the Aiken River.

Just fifty years ago only the most stubborn families remained, and even then they had begun to die off. However, the magical taint in the land began attracting all manner of viscous creatures. Word was sent out to all of the surrounding land and any ear that would listen. People began flocking back to the town. The vast majority of Cyrillian people can trace their lineage back to the farming communities that built up Easthallow. Some came to check up on the distant relatives still living there, others came thinking to pick the bones clean after the vilage fell, but by far most came to fight or profit off the fighting.

Easthallow is no longer a dilapidated old town. It's now Cyrille's primary source for forged weapons and other blacksmithing goods. It also houses the Cyrillian Army Training Ground, where all raw recruits for the military are sent to be trained. Various captured monsters are used as training fodder for sword play.

The main population is humans, orcs and half-orcs with the occasional dwarf. Elves are a rare sight.

Squall's End Edit

Squall's End is less of a town and more of a mining fortress. The town is carved into the mountain terrain itself, with little wood used in the construction of anything. Deep mines run into the surrounding mountains, pulling out the majority of the ores and rare gems for the land. A company of Cyrillian Regulars garrison the area because of the dangers of tribes of mountain goblins, bandits, and any danger that might be dug up.

Because of the location of Squall's End, it is seen as a last resort shelter for the people of Cyrille. The town is situated on the entrance to a small valley inside the mountain range, granting it natural protection from all sides. Through rationing of the produce from the small farms in the valley, a good portion of Cyrillian refugees can sustain themselves for months under siege. With the added benefit of old mines that have been converted into storage areas, few invading forces can outlast a well fortified and stocked Squall's End.

The main population is dwarves and humans. All other races are a rare sight.

Kaimana Towns Edit

Kaimana's towns are a stark contrast to Cyrille's. The kingdom had long ago, before the formation of the Republic, removed most of its monster populations within its borders. Roving bands of monsters are a rare sight, but when they are seen, they're extremely viscous. Bandits, however, are still common.

Arkney Edit

Arkney is the main hub of agricultural goods and imports for Kaimana

Beldell Edit

Beldell serves as the housing and mobilization point for all of the sea trade and naval forces of Kaimana

Eldham Edit

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